Friday, August 3, 2007

180/365 Sad Lisa

Open your door, don’t hide in the dark.
You’re lost in the dark, you can trust me.
’Cause you know that’s how it must be.

Lisa. The woman who started it all. Dancing About Architecture herself. She hasn’t posted since June 23! Lisa, Lisa, where are you?

Of course, I know the answer to this. It’s summer, and she’s off being a good mom, spending time with her kids. The child in me wants to remind her that she’s mother of this very blog group, and although we all need to eventually grow up and live our own lives (and obviously, some are already doing that), she still has an obligation to be here for us—not let us flail about like so many bad dancers. Ah, sad Indigo.

For Lisa, whom I miss, Cat Stevens.


Sewa Yoleme said...

I can't tell you what a huge fan I was--am--of Cat Stevens. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

Helen said...

If I could I would re-materialize Lisa for you, and send you a gift certificate for Arther Murray's Dance Studio.

Indigo Bunting said...

SY: me too.

H: you are too good to me.

Bridgett said...

Is she gone? I'm thinking it's summer and that's nuff said. If she's gone in October, then she's gone.