Thursday, July 5, 2007

151/365 That’s All Right (Mama)

Mama she done told me,
Papa done told me too
“Son, that gal your foolin’ with,
She ain’t no good for you”
But that’s all right, that’s all right
That’s all right now mama, any way you do

According to Writer’s Almanac, Elvis Presley recorded this Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup song 53 years ago today.


Deloney said...

Vintage Pelvis.

Helen said...

Watching this reminded me of that TV series that was a spoof of detective shows (I can't remember the name of it). In one episode there was a rash of Elvis impersonator killings; all the chalk outlines of the body included the Elvis hairdo.

Deloney said...

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Paul meeting John at a church fair in Liverpool.

Indigo Bunting said...

Ah, we're getting so old.