Monday, July 9, 2007

155/365 I’ve Got to See You Again

I could almost go there
Just to watch you be seen
I could almost go there
Just to live in a dream
But no I won’t go for any of those reasons
To not touch your skin is not why I sing
I can’t help myself
I’ve got to see you again

Tim and I are in Portland, Maine, for a week. We are both hunkering down to work this Monday morning (I swear, as soon as I post this), but last night we did the dinner/movie/ice cream thing. We were getting ice cream when I heard a song that was familiar, and I was trying to place it. It took me a minute to come up with Norah Jones, “The Long Way Home.”

I can’t remember anyone having blogged about Norah Jones in this project (although I could be quite wrong), which in some ways is surprising, given her popularity. But the fact is, Jones got almost too popular for her own good. For awhile, you couldn’t go anywhere public without hearing her. The backgroundness of her became almost like breathing, to the point that one didn’t even notice her anymore.

I first heard her debut CD during one of the famous river-porch happy hours I attend in summer, back in 2002. It was months before the Grammy awards, months before her ubiquitousness. I was riveted. What a voice. How different to hear something like this, nearly jazz standardy in its quality. I was thoroughly impressed with Come Away with Me. One of my favorite songs was “I’ve Got to See You Again.” Here it is, a bit faster than its CD presentation.

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