Thursday, July 19, 2007

165/365 Here’s That Rainy Day

I’m scarily behind in my work. All it takes is to lose one weekday, it would appear. But yesterday I got lucky. It rained. All day.

I’m sure the rain wasn’t good for some things and some people, but for me, on a day when I needed to stay in, not only did it keep me from wanting to go outside, but the darkness of the skies and the sound of the heavy rain kept me feeling cozy and comforted. Someone on the verge of panic needs that.

I’ve always loved this Johnny Burke/James Van Heusen song. It has nothing to do with the yummy part of raininess, but it’s in my head anyway, so you get to hear it if you want to. Until I started searching Youtube, I didn’t know Astrud Gilberto had covered it, and, in my opinion, covered it well. She keeps showing up here. I must like her.

She goes well with cocktails.

Maybe I should have saved those leftover dreams
Funny, but here’s that rainy day
Here’s that rainy day they told me about
And I laughed at the thought that it might turn out this way

Where is that worn out wish that I threw aside
After it brought my lover near
Funny how love becomes a cold rainy day
Funny, that rainy day is here


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Thanks. I needed that.