Thursday, July 12, 2007

158/365 It’s Raining Men

I didn’t return to Paris until after the turn of the century. My sister had been having a tough year, and there was an alumni event she wanted to attend at the American University of Paris. She’d attended the school—at the time a 2-year institution—in the mid-80s, back when bombs were going off.

Alison was willing to do all the legwork to set up the trip and make it affordable, so I agreed to go. A plus was that she had a much better command of French than I do, given her years living in Paris and Montreal.

Astoundingly, I had a great time at the alumni events. One night there was a cocktail party on a boat docked on the Seine, and we met a women who’d grown up in the same town as our mother. Another night there was a big dinner, and we sat with some fascinating people, including a German ambassador to France and a woman who taught school in Beirut.

After dinner, there was dancing in the grottolike cellar of the old building. For some reason, I remember “It’s Raining Men” starting up just about the time we got downstairs. When I hear that song now (which doesn’t happen that often), I think of that Paris night, of dancing in that fabulous space until way late, of trying to find a cab afterward and becoming more than a little concerned that that was not going to happen (and how would we get back to the hotel?), and of that young guy my sister made a date with for later in the week…

Here’s the original Weather Girls cut. This one’s for you, Sewa Yoleme.


Sewa Yoleme said...

Thanks for the memories, Indigo.

I heard them--the Weather Girls--sing it in 1982 in San Francisco back when they were still Two Tons O' Fun. And while I cannot be certain, I believe this was the performance at which "It's Raining Men" was actually introduced. The single was released in October; I was there in September, so it was certainly before most of the world heard the song.

The crowd, not to put too fine a point on it, went wild.

Indigo Bunting said...

Now that's a cool story, SY.

You should be bloggin' stuff like this at YOUR site. But I'm glad you're doing so at mine.

Deloney said...

It's raining men? Watch out for the eggplants. You might poke your eye out.