Friday, July 20, 2007

166/365 I Think I Love You

This morning I woke up with this feeling
I didn’t know how to deal with and so I just decided to myself
I’d hide it to myself and never talk about it
And did not go and shout it when you walked into the room

I never got on the David Cassidy bus. I never really got it. I mean, I was like 8 years old when The Partridge Family began airing, and I really liked it, and I bought the records and listened to them ad nauseam, but Cassidy never tripped my trigger. So to speak.

But back in the mid-1990s, he wrote a book and went on book tour. My Internet search tells me this book must have been C’mon Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus. He was going to be at a signing at L’Enfant Plaza, a mere couple of blocks from my office.

So I told Sue.

Sue had definitely been on that bus.

She asked me to please buy her a copy of the book and have him sign it.

This left me in a bit of a dilemma, as I would do almost anything for Sue. However, I have this thing about idolatry, or even the appearance of it: It makes me uncomfortable. I did not want to be standing in a line of 30- and 40-something groupies for god knows how long waiting to get this book signed. I didn’t want to be seen doing it, which was quite possible.

Of course, the timing of the signing was such that I couldn’t take off work anyway. At least that’s what I told myself.

I did in fact go to the bookstore, buy a book, and leave it to get signed.

I walked past the bookstore at some point during the day and looked at that 2-hour line. I may have caught a glimpse of Cassidy, but I honestly can’t remember.

But Sue got her book.

This song is actually a pretty good one, I think, although I hate the bridge. Luckily, I’ve found an abbreviated version on Youtube that not only doesn’t include the bridge, but features Ron/Hermione footage, which seems an appropriate thing to post at fewer than 16 hours til the last Harry Potter book is released.

Apparently, there are many things for which people line up.


Susan said...

His father was pretty cool.

Indigo Bunting said...

So it would seem. But I've actually seen very little of his work...

Susan said...

I haven't either. I used to see him eons ago on game shows with Shirley Jones when they were married.

After I posted the above comment, I took a look at some of the stuff about him on the Web. Here's one example. I take back "cool" and substitute "troubled."

Mali said...

I'm with you re the appearance of idolatry. The only time I've ever queued for something was for my dad. Well worth it.

Btw, I loved the way you linked it with today/Harry Potter. You're so clever!