Sunday, July 22, 2007

168/365 We Like the Moon

Such an amazing sky last night. Stars everywhere, a bright half moon. We were driving home from another champagne-filled happy hour at Sioux and Duke’s (am I beginning to sound like an alcoholic?), and, upon seeing the beautiful moon, I rather predictably began belting out “We like the moon!”

Then I realized the song hadn’t made it into this blog yet, and it should be here.

“We Like the Moon” is performed by the Spongmonkeys, one of Joel Veitch’s animated creations on his This is the kind of humor one is likely to either like or dislike. I fall into the former category. This song always makes me laugh. The lyrics, posted below, are rather good.

We like the moon
coz it is close to us
we like the moooon!
but not as much as a spoon
cuz that’s more use for eating soup
and a fork isn’t very useful for that
unless it has got many vegetables
and then you might be better off with a chopstick
unlike the moon
it is up in the sky
it’s up there very high
but not as high as maybe dirigibles or zeppelins or lightbulbs
and maybe clouds
and puffins also I think maybe they go quite high too
maybe not as high as the moon
coz the moon is very high
we like the moon
the moon is very useful everyone
everybody likes the moon because it lights up the sky at night and it’s lovely and it makes the tide go and we like it
but not as much as cheese
we really like cheese we like zeppelins
we really like them and we like kelp and we like moose and we like deer and we like marmots and we like all the fluffy animals
we really like the moon


Mali said...

I wonder if I dare to ask ... were you hungover when you posted this?

Thanks for a good laugh on a cold wintry Monday morning here!!

PS Love the lyrics

Helen said...

I must admit the video made me laugh, but if I had kids and they watched hour-long shows like that, I would be forced to shoot the TV.eor

Helen said...

In case you're wondering about the ".eor" suffix, you're not alone...

Indigo Bunting said...

I was wondering about the Eeyore suffix. And an hour would be a bit much.

And, was I hung over? Maybe possibly ever so slightly, but I didn't know it yet when I posted! (That means waves of tiredness were to follow...)