Thursday, May 17, 2007

102/365 Mas y Mas

Have you ever bought a CD on a whim and then were unable to decide if you liked it? That happened to me with Los Lobos’s Colossal Head. I’d listen to it, there’d be a song or two I knew I liked, but the CD was all over the place. The few times I’d go through my CD collection to attempt to cull the herd, I always pulled it as a possible throwaway. Then I’d listen again. I was never sure I really liked it, but I couldn’t quite let it go.

Then something happened. I don’t know what. One day I put it on and loved the whole thing. The all-over-the-placeness of it now sounded like a brilliant mix tape.

This is one song I always loved.


Susan said...

I just read Helen's post, and I'm thinking this is the song you put on when people start leaving your party and you don't want them to go.

lolololo said...

Yes!!!! This has happened to me. Many times. Some of the discs have gone on to become favorites.

Helen said...

This would also be a good wake-up song for the customized alarm clock.

Indigo Bunting said...

Susan and Helen: Yeah, great song to get people to stay at a party, and great song for the alarm clock.

I'm thinking this alarm clock idea could make some $$.